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Pictures of various studio, indoor and outdoor shootings of lingerie and nude. zur Galerie



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about me

So you know who is behind the camera, let me introduce myself.

Already as a teenager I was interested in photography, but for many years I had taken only snapshots occasionally. At the end of the 70s my first camera was a simple snapshot camera, which I got for my birthday. Then in the mid-80s I got the famous Pocket-Agfamatic. I bought my first SLR camera at the end of 1990, the Canon EOS 1000F. At that time I had dealt intensively with photography and learned the basics of photography with various books.

After several years of photographic abstinence I refreshed my knowledge in early 2004 in an evening course and at a workshop. Thus my interest in the people photography was awakened and I got to know the studio photography.
Since early 2005, I changed permanently from analog to digital photography. Meanwhile, I have gained practical experience in a number of workshops and independently carried out photo shootings. The results can be seen in my portfolio. It is not difficult to recognize that today my photographic focus primarily is the representation of people. My specialty is the portrait and nude photography, and I am also dealing with sports photography.

You can find my profiles in various communities and forums too, for example, in the Model-Kartei, in the Fotocommunity and on VKontakte.

I wish you an interesting stay at my website,
Thomas Jereczek